Green Design Research: C.A.S.E.

11_19_08ecoceramics.jpgThis is green design’s dream come true–a group of a few dozen students and researchers who work every day to bring sustainable architecture to the masses.

That’s C.A.S.E., the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology. A research facility that’s been open for about a year now, as the New York Times reports, it researches sustainable architecture and design and constantly churns out new ideas to implement in new building projects–today.

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Though they’ve been knee-deep in research for the past year, working on concepts like high-efficiency solar panels, hydroponics for air purification, and eco-ceramics like terra cotta, they’ll formally launch this week in NYC.

This short piece in the NYT points out that green design may seem like the “flavor-of-the-month,” but it’s turning into the wave of the future that will be necessary in coming years.

On C.A.S.E.’s site, they point out that buildings account for a third of the United States’ total energy consumption and about 40% of national carbon production. Their research seeks to quell energy use and then put these sustainable technologies into all new building projects.

So we’ll probably start hearing more and more about their Integrated Concentrating (IC) Dynamic Solar Facade, Advanced EcoCeramic Structural Systems, and Agricultural By-Products in Housing Systems for Tropical Climates.

Check out their site to read more about the exciting developments in green design.

Photo via C.A.S.E..