Green Design With a Green Message: Mina Kwag

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Mina Kwag’s designs, recently showcased at Valencia Design Week 2010, are not only environmentally-friendly; these beautiful products also proclaim a unique green message.

Based on predictions of the consequences of rising global temperatures, the motifs in Kwag’s designs remind us of the high stakes of climate change. At +1°C, “at least 10% of land species facing extinction,” while at +3°C, we face the “collapse of Amazon rainforest responsible for the generation of oxygen.”

Her line, which goes by its slogan, “Only 1°C Change Can Affect Us,” includes ceramic cups made from “eco-friendly ceramic” as well as t-shirts and jewlery. As Kwag points out on her site, “The cups, by means of the messages printed on them, draw people’s attention to global warming’s predicted future impacts on their daily lives.” And they are beautiful, to boot.

(Image: Mina Kwag via Treehugger)