Green Dilemma: Food Scrap Recycling Goo

Green Dilemma: Food Scrap Recycling Goo

Stephanie Kinnear
Jan 18, 2008

Something in our kitchen stinks. We sniff and sniff and sniff and yep, sure enough, the rotten smell is coming from our food scrap recycling pail.

A month or so ago we bent down and grabbed the pail, emptied it into the yard waste receptacle outside (it was trash day) and made the mistake of peeking inside the bucket. There was something growing there. It looked like a full-grown tarantula and it smelled like ... well ... it, appropriately, smelled like rotting food.

So the question is -- what to do about these kitchen composting pails?

There are a variety of solutions:

1) You could empty the pail and clean it every week. Gross factor = High

2) You could line the pail with newspaper (it is compostable as well). Gross factor = Moderate

3) You could buy biodegradable bags to line the pail and just toss them into the composting. Gross factor = low. Cost factor = High.

We've been going with the newspaper lining. What do you do?

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