Green Field Paper Company: Garlic Note Set

Green Field Paper Company: Garlic Note Set

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 22, 2008

The greenest way to correspond is probably by e-mail -- no paper, no ink, no emissions shipping your note from one end of the country to the other, etc. However, we still like to keep our home office stocked with a bit of stationery for the odd thank you note and letter to grandma.

Now, as we near the end of our last box of note cards, we're planning to replace them with either recycled paper cards or something a bit more interesting ...

Just yesterday, we came across Green Field Paper Company's Garlic Note Set ($7.50) -- it's 100% recycled paper that also contains skins from Gilroy, Ca garlic.

Anyone who's lived in California for any amount of time is probably familiar with Gilroy (aka The Garlic Capital of the World). It's located right on the 101 Freeway between San Jose and Salinas -- and, boy, is it pungent! Every time we drive through, we're struck with two contradictory thoughts. "Mmmm. The garlic smells good!" and "How can anyone live here?"

With that in mind, we picked up the Garlic Note Set and took a long, deep sniff. Nothing.

We were a little disappointed, but still think we'll buy a pack or two. The garlic skins are visible, which makes these a big, fun step up from plain white paper.

And, if garlic isn't your thing, Green Field also carries Hemp Paper, Grow-a-Note Greeting Cards, and all sort of other recycled paper products.

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