Green Idea: Bike Swap

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last weekend Chicago suburb, Arlington Heights, hosted a bike swap – for one day anyone could come to the event to sell or purchase bicycles and bicycle related items. What a great idea – like a book or clothing swap, a bike swap provides a great opportunity to turn someone else’s bike trash into treasure.

We’ve certainly been to bike resale shops like the beloved Working Bikes Coop, but we’ve never thought of a bike swap. But with a quick Google search we found that they’re pretty common across the US.

You don’t need a city to host this event though; it’d be really easy to host your own bike swap, similar to a garage sale. Spring is the perfect time, the weather’s warming up and it’s time to start biking again. A swap is perfect for anyone who has outgrown their bicycle, has bicycles they no longer use, or wants to upgrade their bicycle. Plus, unloading a few extra bikes is great timing for our Spring Cure and Small Cool month!

So, have you ever participated in a bike swap?