How To: DIY Bubbly Water

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Bubbly water. We drink lots of it. We love it, from Pellegrino to Perrier and all of them in between.

But we didn’t love the idea of drinking water that traveled a long way to get to us. Lugging the bottles home on our bike was not great either. Not to mention having to deal with the recycling for something we drink all the time.

We decided to go the soda siphon route and make our own seltzer from tap water. First step: Get a siphon and cartridges at…

Sam’s. The siphon we purchased (shown above) is a one liter size and cost $45. The cartridges are around .50 each, in packages of 10.

We got home, filled up the siphon with water, used the cartridge, shook it up and voila! Homemade bubbly water. The whole process takes under 30 seconds.

We’ve made a bottle or two every day for the last two months or so and are really happy with our purchase. The seltzer is SUPER bubbly (just the way we like it). We keep the siphon in the door to our fridge, very convenient and the metal interior of the siphon keeps the beverage nice and cold.

We’ve been buying the cartridges at Sam’s a few (very small) boxes at a time (MUCH easier to cart home than ten bottles of water), but have seen lower prices on bigger purchases of cartridges online. We’re committed (and addicted) enough to the soda siphon now, so we think were going to jump in and put in an order.

While not a perfect green solution (the cartridges need to be recycled), it still feels much more efficient and earth friendly. It saves us time and money too.

Once again, an old-fashioned, supposedly “outdated” product ends up coming back because it simply makes sense.