Green Idea: Extracting Water from Thin Air

Green Idea: Extracting Water from Thin Air

Range Govindan
Jun 12, 2009

If you have a lot of humidity in your place, you know that there can be lots of water extracted from thin air thanks to dehumidifiers. This water extracting machine takes things a bit further. We all know that water like this needs to be purified in some fashion before we can drink it. That's why we think that this extractor is really a good idea. It creates needed water from a source that wasn't obvious before...

Water scarcity is a real problem in some places of the world. Some dry places have to deal with this problem day-to-day. The issue implies also a clean source of water, since there is a lot of non-drinkable water out there. Also, having a clean source of water helps out your home in a number of ways. It cuts down on costs and lets you manage water that doesn't come from the grid. Russian designer Alexander Syachinov has come up with a way to turn the ambient humidity that is prevalent in air into drinking water. This isn't something new. If you've ever used a dehumidifier, you know on what concept this design relies. However, this machine makes use of vapor compression by continuously simulating the dew point. The condensed water is collected in a storage vessel and then it's purified using ozone. Dust and larger particles are removed thanks to a special filter which also helps to purify air. Then, the water passes through a high quality carbon filter to purify it further. Apparently, it also enhances the taste of the water.

From what we've read, we're unsure of how much power this thing consumed. It would cool if it could run on solar power, but it doesn't have any panels. Our guess is that it has to be plugged in. That's not too bad since it kind of like having a well nearby any power source. We are sure that this will be a great way to get drinking water in extremely dry climates. Other versions of this device could be used to extract water for watering plants and other uses that don't need pure water.

[via DesignBlog, images by Alexander Syachinov]

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