Green Ideas: Energy Seed A Lamp Powered by Recycled Batteries

Green Ideas: Energy Seed A Lamp Powered by Recycled Batteries

Range Govindan
Oct 10, 2008

We all still use alkaline batteries and we usually just throw them out after our high-powered devices hunger for more. Using rechargeable batteries is one way to go, but what about all those other batteries that end up in the trash? Korean designers Sungwoo Park and Sunhee Kim have come up with a beautiful solution to what to do with those batteries. Their concept is an LED streetlight that uses the residual power left in trashed batteries to generate enough power to create light. How cool is that?

It's been proven that alkaline batteries are very bad for the environment, unless they are properly disposed of. You could send them to specialized recycling centers, but that doesn't stop them from ending up in landfills, where their toxic chemicals seep into the earth.

The Energy Seed is a street light or standing LED light that accepts a residual charge from any alkaline battery. It combines them to power a super efficient LED light ring. This is a great concept, but it would even be greater if this would be available in a more portable unit, say like a desk lamp. You could just plug in all of your old batteries and have the lamp use their charge. The batteries would still need proper disposal, which is the only downside of this system. Energy Seed also doubles as a bin for those batteries. They'd still need to be collected.

[via Yanko Design]

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