Green Ideas: Get Your Drinking Water From the Air!

Green Ideas: Get Your Drinking Water From the Air!

Range Govindan
Jul 23, 2009

In order to save some money and to just save the environment, what if you could just extract the water that you need to drink from the air? This isn't a new idea. For anyone who's had a moist smelling basement, dehumidifiers have been necessary to keep things from getting moldy. The water generated this way isn't safe to drink, but a San Louis Obispo company has come up with an innovative solution...

Atmospheric Water Systems from San Louis Obispo has just released the DewPointe Atmospheric Generator. It's a device that will harness the humidity of the ambient air and provide a source of drinking water. Think of these devices replacing water fountains everywhere, from fountains that just give out tap water, to water coolers. In fact, the device is about the same size as a water cooler and also has hot water on demand. This is great when you want to brew some tea quickly. It's Energy star rated and runs quietly. It's capable to producing enough drinking water for an entire household, even in the desert.

The device costs about $2,000 and for that money, anyone can extract water from the atmosphere. The atmospheric generator first filters the air, condenses the water, and filters the water as well. All of the pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, pharmaceuticals and harmful microorganisms that usually populate our reservoirs are absent. This means that it's pretty clean water. A great idea would be to hook up this device to some solar panels, then you'd have an instant well and source of great clean water. These devices are currently available, which is pretty neat. We actually love that this device has already been released. It sounds like something out of science-fiction, but it makes sense. In many countries, tap water isn't drinkable. This makes a lot of sense. [Inhabitat via Crib Candy]

Green Ideas: Extracting Water From Thin Air Concept

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