Green Ideas: Warmer CFL lighting

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not that long ago, I set to replace the majority of our interior lighting with CFL (compact flourescent lighting) bulbs. By changing five lights from traditional incandescent bulbs, one can save up to $60 in energy costs. And more importantly, if every American took this step, one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases would be kept out of our air, with an energy savings equivalent to the annual output of more than 21 power plants!

But one of the shortcomings of changing to CFL that we immediately noticed was the spectrum and quality of light. We just recently learned that to approximate the yellow colour we’re almost all accustomed to with traditional bulbs, choose a CFL bulb in the 2700 Kelvin range (

For now, we’ve changed all our hallway, stairway and exterior lights to CFL’s, while using a 50/50 mix in our living room to soften the harsher white glow of the CFL bulbs with low wattage incandescent light bulbs…a compromise that addresses our desire to be environmentally responsible while avoiding the Home Depot lighting effect. Remember: you don’t have to make drastic changes to make a difference!