The Library: Fine Homebuilding’s Energy-Smart Homes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you buy one magazine this year, it should be The Best of Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Smart Homes. At $8.99, it’s a bit steep, but it’s a collection of the best articles from a year of Fine Homebuilding, including one of our favorite dream homes, the Cannon Beach residence shown above, which was designed by renowned green architect Nathan Good.

Other articles explain how to choose the right kind of insulation, replacement windows, but the best article is the last in the magazine.

The article, titled “What Does Green Really Mean?”, explores a number of approaches to green homes: there’s everything from Michelle Kaufman’s 1566 sq. ft. glidehouse to a 6500 sq ft. townhouse in New York City. The point is not that all of these things are green to everyone (though we’re glad the 6500 sq. ft. town house doesn’t contain vinyl), but the article profiles different houses with different approaches to being green. There’s a strong emphasis on single-family houses; we’re looking forward to seeing more examples of shared housing.

After reading it, you’ll definitely have an opinion about what green means to you. And no matter what LEED requires, that’s the most important criteria of all.

We found Energy-Smart Homes at a grocery store newsstand, so it should be widely available. You can also get it online from Taunton’s website.

image via Nathan Good, Architect and Fine Homebuilding