Green Maven Search Engine

Green Maven Search Engine

Nov 13, 2007

Green: The color symbolizing earth, nature, and in a broader sense, life. Maven: A trusted expert who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. Green Maven: A new search engine that seeks green options, an news aggregater for green topics, and green directory (which you can browse through if you'd prefer instead of searching)

So what really makes Green Maven a great resource?

It's great because it combines information about things green: a quick search of "home technology" nets both sites that sell green products as well as news, which can serve to make you aware of both products available in the area of information you're looking in, and give you things like tutorials while you're looking for a certain product.

Note that this is a Google-powered custom search, which only draws from sites deemed "green" enough to be included. Other ATers have seemed to like it so far, and recommended it for finding a greener mattress.

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