Look! The Not So Green Paint Brushes

Look! The Not So Green Paint Brushes

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 23, 2010

It's easy to overlook something as simple as a paintbrush when you're looking to green your construction or home remodeling routine. After all, most of the hubbub revolves around the paint or primer you'll be using and its level of VOC off-gassing. Our last trip to the hardware store provided us with these eco-friendly brushes displayed right along side the usual options — but were they really the eco-friendly choice?

Many trips to the hardware store have us staring at a section of metal racking for a solid 15 minutes trying to decide what the best option for our needs is. There are 20 different types of the same thing, just made by different companies and it's never super clear which one is actually the best choice. It's easy to get drawn into an eco-friendly product with their natural packaging. It just feels right... right?

These brushes caught our attention while we were cruising the aisles of our local hardware store and looked like they would be a great solution. We snapped a quick photo of them (apologies for the cell phone picture) and headed out with what we came from. Upon arriving home we read the packaging telling us why they are so green. Here's what the fine print (below) told us:

The handle is made from bamboo and 5% of the bristles were from recycled content. 12% of the metal was previously recycled (ooooh, a whole 12%) and last but not least that 8% of the packaging was made from recycled sources.

Now although we appreciate the thought, sometimes we find it difficult to buy a product that's labeled as the "eco-friendly" option, knowing that a trusted brand will last us for years worth of performance with proper care. Many of the other brushes didn't have as much packaging as these green brushes did and although they were priced about the same, we're still not sure they were the best choice on the shelf. Without knowing how they're produced (or where), this paint brush (especially if it performs poorly) might not actually be the greenest choice you can make.

Have you ever come across a product like this one? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Too-Hectic

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