Green Style: Recycled Glass Doors as Room Dividers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love reader projects, and this one is a new favorite: Megan sent me an email about the office she just built for herself out of recycled doors from old homes, and I was intrigued. Her pictures didn’t disappoint. Read on to see how she did it and to see more photos below:

An easy and great way to separate your spaces are room dividers. As a freelance photographer who had just moved into an apartment lacking in an efficient layout and uniqueness, I came up with an idea… making an office out of old recycled doors, by using them as room dividers…
It’s eco-friendly, beautiful, and extremely affordable, as well as super easy. I bought these doors for only ten dollars a piece, a steal at the local architectural salvage place. (Imagine what this would cost you at Anthropologie!) The hinges were still attached, so all we did was clean them up a little by making sure the glass was secured and any rusty nails weren’t sticking out. Screws were drilled into the hinges connecting two doors together, making them free standing and instant room dividers!
Hinges can also be bought at architectural salvage places for around 3-7 dollars a piece. This project could be as easy as what I’ve done here, or you could put a little more work into it, possibly expanding the size, painting the doors, or even making a whole room with these babies (a dream of mine for the future!) The options are endless.

See more of Megan’s photography work at her website.

Thanks, Megan!