Green Style: The Peacock Pavilions

Green Style: The Peacock Pavilions

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Jun 30, 2010

To kick off an early start to our Travel month (which begins tomorrow, July 1), here's a look inside one of the suites at the eco-friendly Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech. The patterns! The textures! The bright flowers! Read more about this boutique hotel's green initiatives below:

Peacock Pavilions also incorporates the following elements:

  • Insulation in the walls and on the roofs more vulnerable to heat gain or loss. This step is almost always skipped in Marrakech, because of the extra costs entailed.
  • Aluminum windows with air tight seals.
  • Rumsford fireplaces which radiate more heat into a room and less up the chimney.
  • Radiant floor heating. Hot air passes through pipes buried in the concrete floor slabs. The heat is then radiated into the room over a period of hours. This is more efficient than heating air, and nicer for the feet, too. So rare is radiant heating in Marrakech that people have been trooping though Peacock Pavilions asking their architect how to install it.
  • Air conditioning through evaporative cooling. This system draws 70% less energy than conventional air conditioners and is well adapted for arid climate. Used frequently in the southwest of the US, evaporative coolers blow a mist of water over a filter and then air is passed through the filter. Air temperature can be reduced as much as 30 degrees F.
  • Solar water heater panels. Hot water for the main house and the 3 bedroom Pavilion is provided by the Moroccan sun, with back-up provide by instant gas heaters.
  • Primarily fluorescent lights. Why use 75 watts when 20 watts will do the same job?

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