Green Tip: Eco-Friendly Motor Oil Disposal

Green Tip: Eco-Friendly Motor Oil Disposal

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 27, 2010

No matter how small your space is, there are a few household and (in this case) automotive tips that can save you some serious cash. We've always done our own oil changes, even when we don't have designated parking at our living space. It's super simple, but do you know what to do with the oil when all is said and done?

Now, for those that have never attempted changing your own oil (assuming you own a vehicle), it's literally as simple as laying on the ground, undoing one screw and catching the oil that drains out. But once everything is drained and you've shimmied back out from under the car — what do you do with the oil?

Only half of the oil used/changed each year is actually recycled. The rest is either disposed of incorrectly or not at all. Don't be part of that negative number and instead look up the number to your local hazardous waste collectors and make the drop off. While you're at it, make sure to clean your garage out of all your old VOC heavy paints, old batteries and tires. Usually these centers will take all of the above.

To transport your old oil, try using a plastic laundry detergent bottle (they force the oil down and keep things draining in) or even a used milk jug. You can purchase specialty containers to catch oil initially, but you'll need a garage to store it in. Paint trays can be used in a pinch!

Don't take the bottle until it's full if you can, or get together a group of friends and change your oil all at once to ensure all containers are as full as possible!

Via: Zedomax

(Image: Flickr member B_Rosen licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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