Green Tip: Enjoying Events at Home

10708_television.jpgA friend of ours who skates in roller derby told us yesterday about watching the big roller derby Western finals over the weekend. She’s close with many of the gals who skated in the big bouts, but made the decision to stay home and watch online instead of driving 300-plus miles round-trip to be there. “We decided to reduce our carbon footprint!” she said with an air of pride.

And we think that’s fantastic because…

We’re in lean times right now, and a lot of green moves are also money-saving ones. As Jonathan’s post yesterday points out, awareness of carbon footprints is really catching on, and it’s likely because people are noticing a correlation between living green and saving dough.

It’s even coming to play in advertising. The new Target commercial spots called “Brand New Day” showcase families taking advantage of doing things “in” rather than “out.” The at-home gym, the at-home haircut, the at-home movie night, the point being that you’re saving money doing these things. But take a closer look, and you see they also have a green impact.

Of course, there’s something to be said for packaging and shipping costs versus driving to the movie theater; but we’re of the mindset that being more aware of your carbon footprint and applying that even to entertainment is a very, very green thing to do. And, with a lot of events being simulcast online, it’s becoming easier and easier to stay in and still keep up.

We bike to the theater on occasion, and feel pretty good about that. But out-of-town concerts and sporting events are becoming a thing of the past.

Have you made changes in the way you approach entertainment, or do you find yourself staying in rather than going out? Or are some things sacred?