Green Tip: Just Say No to Plastic Pet Dishes

Green Tip: Just Say No to Plastic Pet Dishes

For the most part, we've stopped eating out of plastic. We still own some reusable sandwich containers; but, other than that, our kitchen is on its way to being plastic-free. We know that BPA is only supposedly an issue if you're actually heating things in the plastic; still, our thought is better safe than sorry.

Our pets on the other hand, up until about a month ago were drinking out of a plastic water fountain.

Somehow we hadn't made the connection?

Then, a friend came to visit and she mentioned something very odd: catne. Cat-what? We asked.

Yes, we'd heard her right. Catne (or kitty acne) is essentially just what it sounds like it might be ... feline acne that usually starts on a cat's chin.

And then we thought about it -- we had recently noticed weird black specks on Will's chin. Catne it was! And what is the main culprit when it comes to catne causation? Plastic food dishes, because they tend to harbor bacteria, which infects the cat's chin.

We put the water fountain in the basement, filled up a few metal bowls (we found on sale at Target) with water, and Will's chin has never looked better.

We guessing that, for all animals, eating and drinking out of something other than plastic is probably best.

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