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Toliet Technologies

Jul 11, 2007

A greener toilet? We've been talking a lot lately about wasting electricity, but what about wasting water? Great advancements have been made in the toilet's technology, particularly in regard to its water usage. But for some reason, the US is always the last to catch onto a trend. Anyone who has been to Europe has discovered the subtleties of a dual-flush toilet. One button for when you need a little water, and one for a stronger stream. Either choice saves a tremendous amount of water, a dual-flush toilet uses between 0.8-1.6 gallons per flush (depending on whether you use low or high.) Compare that to the 3-7 gallons used by the older, traditional models.
reports that a family of four can save 5,000 gallons of water a year using a dual-flush toilet.

posted originally from: AT:Hometech

We found several manufacturers that make dual-flush toilets available in the US, including Kohler, Caroma, and Toto. So keep this in mind during your next bathroom renovation.

Not in the market for a new toilet anytime soon? Try this easy solution, simply fill up two water bottles and place them in the tank (bricks will work as well). These bottles will prevent the toilet from filling up with as much water, therefore reducing the amount used and wasted.

(Thanks to Austin for the toilet tank image)

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