Simple Green: Use It One More Day, One More Time

Simple Green: Use It One More Day, One More Time

Abby Stone
Oct 6, 2009

We had this crazy great aunt. (Everyone seems to have at least one crazy relative in their family.) She had many quirks that we'd make fun of, but there was one that we thought was particularly hilarious: she washed and reused plastic bags...

Now, of course, it's a much more common practice. There are even special racks to dry them on. And we must be turning into her because it's something that we do. And, we realized that, if you apply to other things in your life, it's one of the simplest ways to go greener (saving money is another benefit).

For example, let's say you wash your sheets once a week. Would using them an extra night be that challenging? Not really. But, over a year's time, you'd save a good bit of water without too much effort. What about that dress that needs to go to the dry cleaner? If you hang it up after wearing it the first time, you can probably get one more use out of it. The plastic container you brought home full of olives from Whole Foods can have a second life storing leftovers or paperclips. There are lots of things in your home can be creatively reused, from newspapers to banana peels. But start small, with the things that don't take much effort: a shower every other day, turning down the air conditioner by one degree and, of course, washing your plastic bags.

Look around your house at the things you do, the things you toss and ask yourself: can I use this for one more day? One more time?

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