Green Tips for Snow & Ice Removal

Green Tips for Snow & Ice Removal

Kate Legere
Jan 19, 2012

Some of us are waiting for winter to arrive, and others are getting hit unusually hard. While I don't miss living in the suburbs and digging the driveway out after a storm, I do have fond memories of snow days filled with sledding and snow ball fights, with shovel breaks in between. Below are some tips on how to remove that snow and ice in a green way:

1 Get out there and shovel, or pay a neighborhood kid to do it! It's the greenest and most effective way to remove snow. Using an ergonomic shovel, shovel early and often before it builds up and ices over.
2 Sand does not melt snow, but it is a natural way to provide traction. Use sparingly to avoid clogging sewers.
3 Use an ice breaker or hoe to break up ice. If you must use ice melt, avoid sodium chloride (rock salt). Sodium chloride is the most common ingredient and the most harmful: it kills plants, pollutes our drinking water, and it can corrode vehicles and bridges. Read labels and look for earth friendly versions that use magnesium chloride instead of sodium chloride; it's a safer, less corrosive alternative to sodium chloride.

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