Green Trend: Being Frugal is Back in Fashion

Green Trend: Being Frugal is Back in Fashion

Stephanie Kinnear
Dec 15, 2009

We probably didn't need an LA Times article to tell us this (it's been sort of obvious for awhile now), but being frugal is now "officially" back in fashion.

What do you think? Is that true in your life and among your circle of friends?

According to said article, mounting debt, job losses, and a general weariness of consumerism is causing a lot of Americans to tighten their belts. We're eating out less, only buying the essentials, etc.

All in all, this seems like a really great trend for the environment. Less wasteful shopping, less stuff for the landfills.

However, there was one thing that worried us about the article: a focus on how people are spending less even at the grocery store. We wonder how that affects the sales of organics, which are typically priced a bit higher...? The one place we wish people were spending more money is in the grocery store and at the farmers' markets.

Do you see this move towards frugality playing out in your community? What are the obvious signs and effects?

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