Green With Envy: Front Yards in the City

Sometimes living in the city you forget what front yards look like. Until you finally see one on your bike ride home from the store and you’re overcome with envy. It’s surprising to some that you don’t even need to live in the most desired neighborhood in the city to have an awesome front yard, either!

I love my small back patio, but it really doesn’t compare to having a front yard, and gasp; maybe even a front porch. Letting the little ones run around, swing on the tree swing or even throw a little bbq would be great! I love that a few of these houses have front porches. They really remind me of the south (for us transplants!) and I’d probably install a porch swing for those crisp summer nights.

Luckily, the possibility of being a city dweller with a front yard isn’t too far out of reach – they’re a lot closer than you think. These front yards can be found anywhere between Fairmount and Fitzwater; areas that are typically “concrete jungles”.

Living in the city, do you ever miss having a front yard?

(Images: Kristen Lubbe)