Green Yoga Move: Forget the Mat, Among Other Things

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the weekend, when I walked into a very mainstream underwear-selling establishment only to see a sign that read, “Yoga Panties,” I did a double-take. As someone who has only recently taken up yoga, I understand it to be a practice of meditation and self-examination. Is it really something I need special undies for? And come to think of it, what about all the other paraphernalia?

So when I happened upon this article in the New York Times, I raised my glass and gave a silent nod in agreement with these yogis.

The author points out that there is a growing population of yogis who are forgoing the mat, saying that, when you get right down to it, a mat is really just an overly commercialized piece of unnecessary equipment.

These folks have a good point: many yoga mats are made from materials that aren’t so kind to the environment, and some even emit toxins which are inhaled (deeply) during regular yoga practice.

My mat is made from natural rubber, so I don’t feel too bad about my yoga mat choice, and I think it’s cleaner then the concrete floor where my class is held. And thus far I haven’t succumbed to any pressure to purchase other yoga-related materials.

But what do you think? If you’re a yogi, are you ready to ditch the blocks and mats and straps and (heaven forbid) the special panties?

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