Green Your… Move

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re getting ready to move in a few weeks and have been trying to make it as green a process as possible. From de-cluttering to carefully considering packing materials and transportation, here are some of our top tips for an eco-friendly move.

Reduce: Moving is the perfect time to reassess how much (or how little) stuff you really need. Sell furniture on Craigslist, unload appliances on Freecycle, donate clothing to a shelter, and give your friend that lamp you know she always coveted. You’ll be glad you pared down when you start life in your new home fresh and clutter-free.

Boxes: Avoid buying new cardboard boxes. Instead, get free boxes from friends, the office mail room, grocery and liquor stores, or Craigslist. Or rent reusable crates from a company like or ZippGo.

Packing materials: Minimize the need for disposable packing materials by wrapping fragile items in bedding, towels, and sweaters. Scraps from a paper shredder also make good packing material. And be sure to reuse or recycle any bubble wrap and packing peanuts when the move is over.

Transportation: Should you rent a truck or use your own car? This post from TreeHugger might help you sort out questions of fuel economy and carbon footprint. If you’re looking to hire a mover, check out New York’s iMoveGREEN, which is partnered with the EPA, and Southern California’s Go Green Moving, which uses biodiesel trucks.

Junk mail: Don’t let your junk mail move with you! Use this as an opportunity to manage your mail with services like DMAchoice, OptOutPrescreen, and Catalog Choice.

Do you have any other tips for greening a move?

(Image: Flickr member ingermaaike2 licensed under Creative Commons)