4 Tips To Green Your New Year's Resolutions So They Stick

4 Tips To Green Your New Year's Resolutions So They Stick

Abby Stone
Jan 5, 2010

The most challenging thing about making New Year's resolutions is that they're often so generalized. We're going to lose weight, but we don't really have a plan to do that. We've taken some of the most common resolutions, put a green spin on them, and turned them into no-brainers that don't entail drastic or fanatical changes in lifestyle. All they require are some simple tweaks that have the added benefit of helping you and the planet.

  • "I'm going to go on a diet!" Eat more fruits and vegetables (buy them loose, local and seasonal if possible and bring your own bag), eat less processed foods (cakes, cookies, potato chips) and less meat. These are not just the most tried and true ways to drop a few pounds, they're also good for the planet.
  • "I'm going to save some money!" Turn down the heat (or turn up the air conditioning), unplug that lamp after you've finished using it, recharge your batteries, freecycle, buy or sell things on Craigslist, donate your old stuff and get a tax deduction. These all put a little extra jingle in your pocket.
  • "I'm going to get rid of all this clutter!" Make a phone call to reduce your junk mail, invite your friends to shop in your closet, organize your stuff so you don't end up buying two of everything when you can't find the first one, repurpose stuff, do your banking and bill paying on line.
  • "I'm going to get more exercise!" Biking, taking the bus and walking all reduce your carbon footprint and your waistline.

(Image: 2010 Wall Calendar by Etsy seller Candyspotting)

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