Green Your… Skin Care Routine

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It’s part of the daily routine that can easily become not only greener, but healthier: the skin care regiment. Here are a handful of ways to make the whole process greener and a little more considerate to your skin.

  • Ditch the chemical-based astringent and opt for a more natural route: Try witch hazel, which is produced from the leaves and bark of a shrub, which can naturally treat acne and is in itself an anti-oxidant (read: anti-aging).
  • Try a natural toner, like rosewater: We like the Burt’s Bees toners, which come in two “flavors” to fit our faces. After applying, the face feels supple and awake (as opposed to stingy).
  • Apply natural toners and witch hazel with reusable pads: Forget the cotton balls (we could easily go through 100 in a month); instead, opt for reusable scrubbers, which you can find handmade on Etsy. Or, get crafty with baby burp cloths (the textured ones) by cutting them into pieces and sewing the raw edges. It may take some getting used to, but the switch to reusable can be done. To keep it organized, have a jar for clean scrubbers and a jar for dirty ones.
  • Use natural face wash: Like our food, we like to know and understand the ingredients in our skin care products. Some ingredients and chemicals can be irritating to the skin, and more harmful than helpful! So pay attention to how your skin is feeling. And of course, we still think it’s wise to try and avoid phthalates and BPA as much as possible. Don’t want to buy a face wash? Make your own milk-based cleansers instead!
  • Turn to natural vitamins to keep skin clean and healthy: We’re fans of eating our vitamins. Vitamin A is especially good for the skin (egg yolks, cheese, sweet potatoes, kale—generally bright orange or dark green natural foods), as are vitamins C (citrus) and E (avocados, whole grains, nuts, and seeds).

Any other tips for greening your skin care routine? Please share!

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