Greener Lifestyle With Baby

Greener Lifestyle With Baby

Janie Lee
Jul 25, 2007

We conducted an honest assessment of our own lifestyle this past weekend to determine how green we really are.

No impact man, we are not. But as it turns out, we've made significant lifestyle changes that have a greening effect because of baby.

So much of the discourse focuses on how having a child can negatively impact the environment (e.g., disposable diapers and wipes), but the story doesn't just end there.

We came up with some lifestyle decisions we made because of baby that turned out to be green as well. For instance...

  • We moved closer in to the city and our respective offices, cutting down on our commute time so we can spend more time with baby, but it also means less driving.
  • We got rid of one car.
  • We walk everywhere - work, coffee, groceries, gym. The stroller is a great vehicle to haul watermelons home.
  • We eat seasonally and locally more with baby in our lives.
  • We use air conditioning less. Instead, we throw open windows when the DC-heat is not too oppressive to get fresh air in the house.
  • We use less chemicals and clean green.
  • We've unplugged lots of gadgets and appliances that we don't use regularly in order to babyproof, but we're saving energy too!
  • So what about you? Did you pass on your maternity clothes? Are you more eco-conscious about the foods, products and services you purchase? Please share greener changes, both conscious and unintended, you've made in your lifestyle since having baby.

    (image by Lotte Klaver)

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