Greenest Thumb Entry: jb's Indoor Garden

Greenest Thumb Entry: jb's Indoor Garden

Janel Laban
Jun 28, 2006

Welcome to jb who sent in photos of her indoor garden.

"Resources: Home Depot, Menard's, Ikea (you'll note that I don't have a deck/backyard/garden - this means I don't have a big budget for things like plants or fancy pots, either), this amazing soil I pick up from my grandfather every time I'm home."

The whole story and more pictures are below the jump. Check it all out before casting your vote...

"Tips: Unfortunately, I can't say that there is anything specific that I do to keep my plants alive and healthy. Much like with mini golf and directions, gardening seems to be something I'm just naturally good at. I buy them, transplant them, water and put them in the sun. Of course, I'm sure it helps that I was raised in Ohio in a house with a yard with a garden and flowers and bushes and trees, and a living room that was always full of plants."

"My biggest success story is clearly my aloe plant. I bought it at Ikea shortly after I moved here two years ago. I'm sure it cost about $2.50, came in the standard small Ikea pot, and was maybe 4" high. I've re-potted it twice now, and it's a real beast."

"Living room pic: The thinner/taller of the two rubber plants survived several years at college and 6 moves, making it my oldest plant at 7 years old. The plant in the hanging basket came from a store in the Cleveland area called Marc's, and I think was $5. The peace lily in the pink pot was a gift from a boyfriend's mother on my birthday, and oddly enough has been the one I've somewhat struggled with (make your own jokes here)."

"In the dining room: The seedlings I started myself (miraculously). I know I'm late on the basil and certainly on the rosemary, but it will be big enough to eat someday, and I can chalk it up to a lesson learned for next spring/summer. The other plants on the windowsill were $1.50 Ikea purchases. The fuller rubber plant came from Home Depot last summer. If you could see more closely in the fish tank, you'd see that my plants which were previously thriving have somehow died - but I did just move at the beginning of this month, and I wonder whether emptying the aquarium for a few hours didn't have a lot to do with it. Now I just have to find another good fish store to buy some aquarium plants from since Chicago Pond & Aquarium up in Andersonville closed. :( "

Thanks for entering, jb!

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