Greening Our Habits: Eliminating the Hair Dryer

81308_hairdryer_u8mealive.jpgMany of you may have made this step already, but we’re just finally catching on.

For the last, oh…decade, we’ve been addicted to the hair dryer. A household full of won’t-lay-flat-unless-it’s-bone-dry hair have made the wattage-sucking appliance seem like a necessity. In fact, the last time we remember going without one, it was during a summer working at a no-frills camp in the Texas Hill County (read: no a/c). We used to tell campers, “If you plug in that blow dryer, you will knock out all the camp’s power.” And, truth be told, it probably would have blown a breaker.

So we’ve decided it’s time to throw in–or, throw on–the towel.

Save for special occasions, we’ll leave the hair dryer in the dust (despite the fact that the appliance saves time and gets rid of those unsightly fly-aways) and see how life treats us. Plus, we’re talking 1,875 watts of power being used at least 10 minutes each day. Which adds up to a considerable amount of energy in the name of vanity…Not to mention the in-home noise pollution.

To replace the electric hair dryer, we snagged a microfiber hair towel at Target’s One Spot for $2.50. A pretty good deal, we’d say. It’s even got a button, so making a wrap to soak up excess water is a cinch. And, of course, it doesn’t ever need to be plugged in.

It may seem like a small thing to give up, but living green encompasses even the most ritualistic daily habits. Whether you’re collecting rain water or simply composting your kitchen scraps–every sustainable choice you make has an impact on the world around you.

So, tell us: What kind of daily changes have you made? And how long do you think we’ll last without the hair dryer?

Photo: u8mealive via StockXchg