Greenmaker Building Supply

Store Update: Greenmaker Building Supply is now GreenDepot. See this post for details.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Greenmaker is the “building supply store that makes going green easy.” Honored by Chicago magazine’s first annual Green awards this past April, Ori Sivan and Joe Silver are the duo that has changed the scope of how Chicago residents/homeowners and building/design professionals work.

Since its inception in September 2005, Greenmaker has not only been the go-to spot for green activists and environmentally-conscious builders, but it has also been a resource for those still learning about green living.

Their website (and in-person consultations) breaks down clear examples of what it means to go green in various aspects of one’s life (i.e. using a dual flush toilet is “water wise” and zero-VOC paints for “healthy interiors”).

Greenmaker’s product line is extensive, covering every room and surface in the home, as well as general construction materials. While Greenmaker Pro was developed to specifically serve the needs of building/design professionals, this supplier is also a leader in encouraging everyday people understanding green living – not just the building pros.

And as a part of the growing green community in Chicago, Greenmaker stays on top of events, green blogs, and new products and ideas.

Any reviews of this great resource out there??