Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #2 - The Strip Show

Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #2 - The Strip Show

Gregory Han
Jan 8, 2008

I decided while I dilly-dally about what I eventually want to do with my January Jumpstart, I might as well get started with the down and dirty business of stripping the unit of all its extraneous and non-functioning interior. So with tools, vacuum and a foolish optimistic enthusiasm, I officially began my project.

Upon opening and inspecting the unit, I discovered 5-6 arachnids of various shapes and sizes, not including the 10 or so deceased brethren of the eight-legged squatters inside my cabinet. Fortunately for me, I'm not too squeamish about spiders, and I carefully removed them, as they seemed the more frightened party involved (I should at least have sent them an eviction notice). What I was afraid of was the myriad of sharp and rusted protrusions inside the unit. I had to be very careful not to accidentally tear open my hand as I worked to remove the electronic components inside...

There was a lot of the above that went on this afternoon. I couldn't believe how many screws (a few of them stripped and difficult to remove), wires and staples there were to remove. About half the time I was on my back, angled in a weird position, trying to remove some remotely positioned screw, all the while trying to prevent my eyeglasses from falling off my face. I suspect I looked very much like this.

Everything inside was caked with years of dust, and I must have inhaled a fair amount of yesteryear's flakey memories while removing the electronic components. I eventually removed enough parts to vacuum the rest.

Vacuum tubes! I'm keeping this around for awhile just to inspect.

Right before they were tossed.

I was surprised to find the untouched warranty card still attached inside the back of the unit.

A few hours later, after plenty of removed screws, vacuuming and a fair share of profanity laced grumbles, I had finished stripping the guts out.

Looks pretty good! Ready for a new beginning and whatever tomorrow brings. Hopefully no more rain...these ominous clouds are worrying me since the cabinet is outside for now.

To be continued...

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