Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #4 - No Guts, No Glory

Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #4 - No Guts, No Glory

Gregory Han
Jan 15, 2008

Yes, I admit it...I was glued to my favourite Mac websites this morning, greedily reading updates about Macworld annoucements like the little Apple cult member I am. But I had an ulterior agenda: I wanted to see if the rumours I heard about the Apple TV update were true. Because, at the heart of it all, I wanted to convert the stereo cabinet into something beyond mere storage, with the inner guts of the unit becoming a digital hub for the home.

So as soon as Stevie's Macworld presentation ended, I placed an order for an Apple TV (thanks to a most wonderful friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I received a discount rate). And now, possibly to the chagrin of my understanding girlfriend, I am considering taking my spare 23" Cinema Display and fashioning something more monstrously involved than just a bookshelf or a bar keeper (the inner geek in me just patted me on the back). The problem is the cinema display has a clear plastic casing with non-removable legs below it. I guess I could dismantle it and try to incorporate into the lid of the cabinet if everything measures correctly, but this will take a little more planning than the daydreams I've been harbouring since placing the order this morning.

At the least, my eagerly awaited NetFlix killing device will reside inside with my wireless router and the external hard drive my better half and I share. Maybe in time I can also incorporate new speakers, an iPod dock and a Mac mini to make this one helluva ode to Cupertino's finest (I'd put my Xbox 360 in there, but that loud piece of unrefined hardware may start a fire). For now, I still have a lot of sanding on the inside of the cabinet to finish and stain samples to test (I'm hoping to closely match an existing stereo cabinet so I won't have a hodge podge of different finishes throughout our small living room).

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