Grey Water Toilet System by Alison Norcott

Grey Water Toilet System by Alison Norcott

We're all about creative and smart ways to reuse water here at Re-Nest. Grey water systems in homes make so much sense, but are often met with resistance from city officials. Student, Alison Norcot, has devised a super smart water reuse system to resolve this issue that uses waste shower water to flush and clean the toilet. Not only does the system look great, it also functions simply – just wait to use the bathroom until after you've showered… Check out the details after the jump!

The system has been designed similar to standard wall mounted units, and the tank has been sized to fit in any standard apartment wall. When the shower water drains, rather than run to the city sewer system, the water streams to the in-wall storage tank. This tank stores water for toilet flushing, however, to avoid bacteria growth, the tank water cycles out so the shower water is only stored for a maximum of 24 hours. If necessary, the shower water will be replaced with just enough fresh water for one flush and function like a standard toilet.

For extra safety, the water is minimally treated via low powered ultrasonic irradiation. Additionally, to comply with health regulations, the toilet has been designed to eliminate user contact with the water during use – there is no water permanently in the bowl and during flushing the lid automatically locks closed.

Unfortunately at this time the system is only a concept – it was an entrant in the Australian Design Awards. But, all good products start as good concepts, and hopefully sometime soon we'll start seeing more ideas like this on the market and available for consumption.

Via Yanko Design

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