Grohe's Digital Bathroom: Worth the Money?

Grohe's Digital Bathroom: Worth the Money?

Range Govindan
Apr 10, 2009

Even though I take baths from time to time, I've always been a shower person. I take showers everyday and they are part of my morning routine. Usually, if I don't shower, I don't really wake up. Since I've had a bunch of different bathrooms over the years, I've always wanted to have a multi-jet shower, a shower with different nozzles all over the place to massage your body with water. The trouble is that these systems are frightfully expensive, since each nozzle will need it's own plumbing. Nevertheless, there are other ways to get your shower satisfaction.

It's almost been two years since we last reported on the Grohe Digital bathroom. Since then, we've received some new information about this system. You don't have to worry, it's been on the market for over a year now, if not more. There is one thing that you won't like, the price. But let's get back to talking about this system. Ondus includes what Grohe calls the AquaFountain, an incredible wall-mounted shower system, which includes hand-held options, designed to mimic a flowing waterfall or falling rain. That sounds pretty cool, though I'd actually prefer a multi-jet shower.

Just like before, the faucets allow you to select a bath, shower or lavatory scheme that you prefer. Ondus will program temperatures for your. Our guess is that water pressure is also controlled. There is a neat pause button that will hold you shower if you need to do something or simply want to save energy and water. There is also a battery-operated backup system that will even function in power outages. Meaning that otherwise, there wouldn't be any water in your fancy bathroom because the faucets require power to work, instead of your more mechanical faucets. Sounds like it could be a problem.

Expect to pay $5,200 for the black Ondus system and $3,700 for the chrome variant. We suggest the chrome variant. $1,500 extra just for black doesn't make much sense. Actually the price of the whole system doesn't make much sense. Even though you can tailor your daily use to save energy and water, the system doesn't do this by itself. It would need to be hacked in some way. Also, for that price, I'd expect the shower to be able to recycle the gray water in some fashion, instead of just dumping it into the sewers. Obviously, the system is made for people with a lot of money to spend on their hands, but even then, something like the Grohe Aquatower 1000 multi-jet shower only costs $1,200. If you are willing to spend more money, we suggest that you have multiple jets integrated in your shower via a custom job, not via a stand-alone unit. It will probably cost the same, but your showering experience will be a lot better.

Our money is on the Hansgrohe ShowerArc. It includes 6 body sprays, a RainDance hand held shower head and a fixed RainDance shower head over your head. Hansgrohe calls it RainDance because basically, the shower heads mimic rain falling on your body, which is quite cool. The ShowerArc costs about $3,300 and doesn't need electricity to work, only pressure. The advantage of installing the ShowerArc is that you won't need expensive extra plumbing to make it work, since the nozzles are all integrated into one arc. [via Designboom]

Grohe Ondus Digital Shower Head

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