New Online Guide: Growing Food in the City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Of all the ways to live lighter on the land, growing your own food is probably one of the most rewarding. I often daydream about converting our weed-ridden front yard into an edible garden and so I was thrilled to come across this new guide (which can be downloaded for free!) from the City of Seattle. The content is tailored towards the city’s maritime climate, but many of the tips and suggestions are universal for city dwellers, even if your outdoor space is limited to a balcony!

The guide is easy to read and includes great information on the following topics:

1 Composting
2 Preparing garden soil for planting
3 Growing plants in small spaces
4 When and how to plant
5 Planting for a longer, bigger harvest
6 Gardening year-round in the Pacific Northwest
7 Creating an urban food farm
8 Winterizing gardens
9 Harvesting, storing and sharing food

To read or download the full guide, click here.