Growing Your Own Tomatoes

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The superior aroma and flavor of a freshly-plucked homegrown or farmers’ market tomato usually prevents us from eating fresh tomatoes when they aren’t in season. In fact, we try not to even think about fresh tomatoes this time of year or we’ll fall into a winter depression…

But recent news of the Florida tomato shortage (poor weather destroyed nearly 70% of the crop) has turned our thoughts toward tomato gardening. So, even though it’s only March, we’ve decided to plan ahead and look at some tips and resources for growing delicious tomatoes later this year.

For those of us with limited space, tomatoes are a great container gardening plant. Here are a few options:
Rectangular wood planters
Inexpensive steel tubs
Hanging tomato planters and the Topsy Turvy planter

What kind of tomatoes should you grow? Here are some ideas:
Faith’s Tumbler container tomato plant
The Best Tomatoes to Grow Where You Live (Mother Earth News)
Tomatoes to Grow in Containers (You Grow Girl)

In addition to local nurseries and farmers’ markets, we like these resources for organic and heirloom seeds and plants:
Seeds from Tomato Fest
Seedlings from Natural Gardening Company
Transplants from Seed Savers Exchange

Remember that tomatoes should be planted only after danger of frost has passed, and they should get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. For more advice, check out:
Growing Vegetables in Containers (Better Homes and Gardens)
Tomato Grow Guide (

Share your tomato growing tips with us in the comments!

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