Guess the Decade: Apartment Sitting Room - The Answer

Guess the Decade: Apartment Sitting Room - The Answer

Janel Laban
Jun 23, 2009

How did the Apartment Therapy design minds do on the latest round of Guess the Decade? Jump below to find out...

If you guessed NOW, you know what you are talking about!

The room is from the apartment of Todd Merrill, an antiques dealer. It features a collection of furniture all designed by a favorite of Merrill, the "notorious" mid-c decorator James Mont and the photo appeared in New York Magazine last year. The entirely vintage furnishings didn't throw off the Apartment Therapy design detectives.

The majority of the readers (98) got it right on the money, choosing the NOW as the decade of the design. 42 readers guessed the 90s and the 80s came in third with 36 votes. The forties garnered many more votes than it usually does in our guessing games - this time it got 24. The 70s, 60s and 50s brought up the rear.

A few interesting observations from the comment thread:

The turquoise "pop of color" and the zebra rug are very now, even if there are a lot of antiques. - Lisa (Montreal)

The giant indo-asian mirrored wall mounted coffin thing kinda freaks me out. I voted "now" based on the chandelier and the smaller framed piece of art, but now I'm thinking maybe 60s because of the murano ashtray and what appears to be a cig box on the table in the foreground. These polls/contests are mucho fun Janel! - beddybee

I'm going to toss the '80s into the mix -- if only to note that faux-deco was quite fashionable then, and it's conceivable that someone with money might have indulged in the fad with real vintage pieces. Turquoise was also big, as were animal prints (particularly on spandex pants). Gold-marbled mirrors and dark glass coffee tables were '80s thangs, too. - rosenatti

Even though it has a 60s homage to the orient feel... I'll choose "now" because of the placement of items on the table - they have that modern oh-so-casual (but carefully arranged) look to them; and because of the mix of so many metals - pewter/silver/copper/gold that requires modern chutzpah - I say "now"!!!
- TaniaTingel

I voted "Now" because of the dark-stained floors. I think that's a relatively recent trend, but I could be wrong.
- heather77

The large wooden piece on the left totally conceals a flat screen and the sofa is positioned directly across from it. My vote: today.
- coggs

Thanks for playing along!

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