Guess the Decade: Colorful & Cozy Living Room - Answer

Guess the Decade: Colorful & Cozy Living Room - Answer

Janel Laban
Aug 14, 2009

So, did you make a guess as to the era of this colorful living room? The majority of those who guess did NOT got it right this time around...

...when they guessed the 60s - it is actually from 1957. While 103 readers guessed the 60s, whose who came through correct answer of the 50s numbered 67 (nice job!). 57 readers guessed the 70s and the other decades just got a handful of votes.

We found this room at Mid-Century Home Style, where they point out both the distinctive hanging light and clerestory windows as design elements that are indicative of the 50s.

Some interesting comments from the original post:

  • All the black iron and art makes me think it's late 50's or 1960. - xowend

  • Looks like early 80s late 70s, it has a very space 2001 look to it. The use of white and neutral colours in the decor makes me want to lean towards the 80s but not completely out of the 70s yet as we see the orange tint to the windows on the door. - SJwashere

  • I'm torn between 50s and 60s. If it's 60s it is in the very early part of the decade. But how awesome is that room?! I want to have a game-night party there RIGHT NOW. - sally305

  • I said 50s. The copper lamp was actually a big factor -- copper was big in the 50s, and that lamp is the sort of adjustable lamp you'd generally see over a kitchen table, repurposed. And the wall hanging seems contemporaneous with stuff Alexander Girard was doing in the '50s. If this were high fashion photo of a living room I could even see this being from 1948 or 1949 -- a lot of the iconic modern design of the '50s was actually done in those years. But as it's a basement, I suspect it's later. Also -- those bookshelves above half walls are a fantastic solution for a basement rec room! - dtremit

  • I'm divided between 50s and 60s. I'd say 1962 is the year, but I could be off by 5 years. As a matter of fact, the more I look at it the more I lean toward late 50s. - homebunnyj

  • I say the 50s...while a lot of the style was used and adopted in the 60s, the "high" design started in the 50s. - ec05

  • I went early, early - 40s - thinking this might have been some kind of design prediction from a "how the future would look" book. But that was me second-guessing myself. My real instinct was something like late 50s, early 60s. - Mary B C

    Thanks for playing along!

    Image: Midcentury Home Style


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