Guess the Decade: Colorful Kitchen - The Answer

Guess the Decade: Colorful Kitchen - The Answer

Janel Laban
Mar 4, 2009

We thought this would be a tough one with clues from so many different eras...

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...but once again, the AT readers called it correctly! it is from the 90's. Who knew that the stack of baskets would be such a big tip-off for the decade?

72 of you guessed the 90's correctly, with the 80's taking the second spot with 51 votes. The 50's, 70's and now pretty much tied for third with around 25 votes each, which was an unusual split. The 60's trailed with 18 votes and although it was the decade that the appliances in the kitchen date from, the 40's came in last with only 8 votes.

The source is House Beautiful. The clip accompanying the photo states "Nostalgia is not just a soft-focus memory for San Francisco designer Candra Scott," House Beautiful wrote of this throw-back kitchen in 1999. "It comes with a double oven, four burners, a broiler and a griddle, courtesy of the vintage O'Keefe & Meritt stove. Nothing postdates the 1940s, including the roomy Frigidaire." Scott said of the room, "I wanted it to feel like Grandma's kitchen—only more fun."

As always, our favorite part of the game are your very astute comments on the original post:

This was a tough one, and I could make a case for almost any decade. The stacked baskets seem very 90s, but nothing else says "today" or even 10 years ago. Maybe the "head" vase. - madsarah

Those baskets definitely scream 90's. But I might guess 60's. - cassielynn

The gigantic clock makes me think 90s. - graefix

Are those zinc countertops or stainless steel? Hard to tell but all the collectable stuff makes me think 90s rather than vintage. I feel like my grandma would've thought a classy kitchen in the 40s and 50s would be more formal. - caw261

There's an odd combination of old & formal (the china in the cabinets) and old & cutesy (the fridge) and more recent (the lanterns, baskets). There's a strong cost-plus/pier one vibe to those asian/basket element, which is what says 90's to me. This stuff is too cliche now to featured prominently in a fancy mag. - fib

and finally...we're impressed with Arroyo's organization:

I have 22 years of magazine clips organized in binders (yes, I know I'm insane). This particular image is in my 'kitchen' binder! There are a lot of fun details that you can't discern from the photo here... I won't give any more away. - Arroyo

Thanks to everyone for playing along!

Photo: House Beautiful

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