Guess Who? Old Mattress and $6,000 Bedding

Guess Who? Old Mattress and $6,000 Bedding

Grace Shu
Jan 4, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 is off to a slow start for us as we attempt to switch gears and get back into the grind. To kick off another year of posts, how about a guessing game? This famous person admitted that he still sleeps in the same mattress his mother bought him when he was a toddler…

...and gets stressed out at the thought of buying a new mattress due to the fact that he doesn't know what he likes and "you look like an idiot just laying there in the store and people come and take pictures of you." He also recounted his experience walking into ABC Carpet & Home to buy new sheets: "I go to the bedding's like a bedding bonanza...and I just went up to a salesperson and told them, 'Look I just need the bedding thing and some pillows.' And this woman is very nice and got me pillows, bedding and a comforter. It was like $6,000 dollars! I kid you not...And when she said, 'That'll be $6,000,' I let out a little yelp."

So who is this famous person with the old mattress and pricey bedding? Why, it's none other than the Silver Fox of CNN! After Kelly Ripa listened to his tale, she looked at him and said, "You made the mistake of going in and showing your hand."

During his New Years Eve telecast with Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper neatly dodged a question from a viewer asking him if he had finally bought a new mattress.

And here's the real question of the day: If Anderson Cooper came to you with his mattress woes, what kind of mattress would you recommend and where's the best place to get one? Would you order online or go to the shop? And does anyone else think that Tempurpedics are too hot?

(Images: JRenee Bella Bedding, Anderson Cooper photo via Soupcans)

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