Decorating With Firewood: A Wedding in the Woods

Here at David Stark Design, we’re always thinking of ways to re-use discarded objects or to see everyday, humble items in a new light. One such flash of inspiration came this summer as we scouted for a wedding in Maine.

Piles of logs destined for the fireplace dotted a clearing made for an eventual new guest house. Since the logs were already cut, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to utilize those logs as décor for the party, stacking a giant backdrop for the band in a similar fashion to their normal state of storage in the woods? Then after, they would go back to their original role as firewood.

A 30 foot wide by 10 foot tall log wall became the perfect setting for a rustic chic evening under a late summer moon, but most importantly, I am proud that we found a clever way to utilize materials from the land without creating more waste in the process.

P.S. While it looks really cool, it’s a whole different thing if you cut down the trees specifically to make this wall, my friends —don’t do it! (wink!)

David Stark is the president and creative director of Brooklyn-based David Stark Design & Production, which creates witty and wonderful objects and décor for high-wattage celebrity clients, major corporations, and the nation’s most elite non-profit organizations and cultural institutions. Stark’s first product line, a holiday decorating collection with West Elm, is available now online and in stores nationwide. In Spring 2010, The Monacelli Press will release a monograph on Stark’s work, David Stark Design, which will illuminate the Company’s design philosophies, conceptual process, and breadth of work put forth since its inception.