Newspaper: Creative Use of a Humble Material

We are always looking for interesting ways to use unsung materials to create a new kind of WOW for the events that we design. Like the Maine Wedding I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, we recently had the opportunity to explore a very different kind of re-use for a fundraising gala for the American Friends of the Israel Museum. Held at Cipriani’s grand ballroom on 42nd Street, the evening’s theme, The Written Word, inspired us to make recycled newspaper our material hero dujour.

Leading up to the event, we scavenged the streets and newsstands for 3,000 pounds of the stuff, and the Village Voice was extremely generous in helping us out too. We used the bundles as bricks and mortar to create a giant, three dimensional sculpture of the Museum’s logo at the entrance. Difficult to make but oh so worth it, this grand statement set the tone for the evening. On the dining tables, glass domes topped single specimens of laser cut, gilded letters, and one of my art idols, the graffiti artist Ellis G created live art works that were auctioned off that evening.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The newspaper was a great trick. I love that we took a material, destined for the recycling bin, gave it the chance to guest-star as a fabulous art piece, and then it went right back to the recycling bin. Don’t overlook the humble newspaper. It can do a whole lot more than just fill you in on current events. It can be the focal point of your special events!

David Stark is the president and creative director of Brooklyn-based David Stark Design & Production, which creates witty and wonderful objects and décor for high-wattage celebrity clients, major corporations, and the nation’s most elite non-profit organizations and cultural institutions. Stark’s first product line, a holiday decorating collection with West Elm, is available now online and in stores nationwide. In Spring 2010, The Monacelli Press will release a monograph on Stark’s work, David Stark Design, which will illuminate the Company’s design philosophies, conceptual process, and breadth of work put forth since its inception.