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Guests are the Perfect Motivator: Get a Get-Together Together

published Jan 12, 2015
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Getting together with a friend or two (or a whole bunch if that is how you roll!) in your clean and organized home is the very best way to end the Cure. Of course, it’s a very nice way to reward yourself for your work, but I have a (somewhat) sneaky ulterior motive for asking you to plan it now. It will be a great motivator for the rest of the month – knowing that you have the gathering coming up with definitely help keep you on track. So – no excuses – make a plan and get the invites out…and then you are done for the day.

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Your end-of Cure celebration can be as big or small as you want it to be – from a mellow glass of wine with a close friend to a relaxing Sunday brunch or an elegant cocktail soiree – the size, time and style of get together is totally up to you. Maybe a movie night potluck is your style? A Superbowl viewing party? Wine or dessert tasting? Games night? Clothes swap? Maybe just an extra-special family dinner? Whatever sounds just right to you is the perfect plan.

Today’s Assignment:

Choose a date and time for a get-together

at your home on the weekend of January 30 – February 1 (or whatever date is best for your schedule near the start of February). Make up a guest list and send out the invites – a call, a text, an email, paper or electronic is fine, just make sure you get going on the invites TODAY and get them out ASAP. Let us know what you are planning in the comments!

(To all of you who recently spent some time in the kitchen, good job! And if you are behind, DON’T WORRY, do what you can and just keep on keeping on with the rest of us – moving forward even with some things not done is far better than giving up!)

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