Gulassa & Co. : Handmade Metal and Wood Furniture

<imgWe have been drooling over the hand-made beauties at Gulassa & Co.
Based out of Seattle, Gulassa consists of wood workers, metal workers, glass artists, upholsterers, architectural and graphic designers.

And while they mostly do custom work, they do have a line of pretty, sexy furniture, which is available in Los Angeles (to the trade, sorry) atThomas Lavin.

The Dish table is made from Blow-Down Oxidized Cedar and is stunning.

gulassa 4 .jpgThe Philippine bench, made from antique Philippine hardwood and blackened steel. The bench holds the duality of primative and modern, a look that holds for many of the beautifully made pieces. You may not groove on every piece but the detail is undeniable.

gulassa 1.jpg
gulassa 3 .jpg