Small Space Solutions from a Tiny Prefab Cabin

Last week at Cersaie, we were intrigued by the projects on view at “Green Street,” an exhibition that highlighted the way landscapers and architects are (or in some cases aren’t) addressing sustainability in Italy. The “Violetta” cabin, designed by Italian firm Cibic & Partners in collaboration with Dogtrot and H16, is an experiment in living with a minimal amount of stuff…

The cabin prototype is a 4 x 4 meter (about 13 x 13 feet) module that can be expanded or stacked. Constructed of wood with a stucco facade, the cabin consists of a porch, kitchen, living room with a sofa bed, bedroom, and one bath. Curtains, rather than doors, are used as dividers (except for the bathroom, which has a regular door).

Built-ins provide storage. A step up to the “living room” contains deep built-in drawers, while bunk beds in the bedroom are built above a storage platform. (Check the photos and captions above for more detailed information.) The flat roof can be used as a porch or a green roof.

Surrounding the cabin is a vegetable garden, built from reclaimed wood “Ecopallet” boxes that act as raised garden beds. A storage shed, designed by Casetta, holds tools and wood.

• For more information on the Violetta, click here.
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Photos: Sarah Coffey

posted originally from: AT:Chicago