Hack: Get the Perfect Pour of Beer with Your iPhone

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In honor of my Alma Mater’s Florida Gators playing in the BCS national championship game tonight, I went searching for ideas on how technology can help you enjoy a great sports game. There’s the obvious tech solutions like giant HDTVs and killer sound systems, but I found something a little more in line with my favorite part of game days: tailgating. This technical hack uses the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone to activate a pouring gizmo (video under the jump). We’re not sure it makes pouring a beer any more easy or accurate, but it sure makes for a fun and geeky afternoon of getting drunk. (Except for Tim Tebow. When Tim Tebow drinks beer, he doesn’t get drunk. The beer gets Tim Tebow-ed.)

So geeky it goes over my head (but I love it when boys talk nerdy to me), Instructables user polymythic constructed an iPhone-controlled beer-pourer “using Construx as the mechanical platform, a servo driving the action, and ioBridge controlling the system.”

Take a look: