Hacked Desk & Chair Make Frugal Home Office

Hacked Desk & Chair Make Frugal Home Office

Range Govindan
Nov 2, 2010

When you're on a budget, it's not always easy to find what you need to make your home office furniture. However, for the enterprising DIY-enthusiast, there are always plenty of options, if you know where to look. Whether it's scrounging, hacking, or simply finding great deals, you can make a great home office for little money if you know some tricks.

Laura from Virginia needed a cheap workstation solution for her bedroom. She didn't need anything elaborate and didn't want to spend too much money. The workstation would be used to work on her laptop, which meant that it didn't need to be too big. Her first instinct took her to IKEA.

She liked the IKEA Micke for $49, but wasn't completely sold on it. It didn't look like it would look good in her bedroom. Then, she went to peruse the As-Is section in her local IKEA store. She found a Nexus cabinet door, which usually sells for $38, marked down for $1.99. It matched her existing furniture and she reckoned that it would make a great laptop desk.

The Vika Leif table base was perfect for her planned setup. It was also a steal at $30. She chose the IKEA Stefan, that sells for $20, as a chair. She planned on creating a custom cushion and cover for the chair. Lastly, she picked up a Hemma lamp base with a Klavsta lamp shade to match her setup. All in all, she spent a total of $59. Now that's frugal!

If the As-Is section of IKEA doesn't work, then you can always head to Craigslist. There are a lot of deals offered on Craigslist, and a lot of people who are moving tend to put their furniture on sale there. If Craigslist doesn't work for you, then you can try the local websites in your area, that have classifieds listings. If you check them for a few days, you're likely to find something. Also, eBay is a great way of finding anything you need at a significant rebate compared to normal store prices.

[via Ikeahacker, photos by Laura]

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