Hacking Your Daily Routines to Be More Efficient

Hacking Your Daily Routines to Be More Efficient

Range Govindan
Sep 6, 2010

We all get into routines and sometimes, they aren't easy to break. Take a look at all of the New Year's resolutions that are quickly broken because we can't fall out of bad habits, we need to actively hack them to better ourselves. Here are some tips to hack your routines, whether you're at work, at school, or at home.

1. Close Those Social Networking Tabs!
Yes, social networking is fun, but it does waste a lot of time. Before you know if, you've spent hours upon hours checking up what your friends have been up to.

2. Monitor the Amount of Time Spent on Email
While this doesn't work for everyone, most people don't need to check their email every 5 minutes. Close that Gmail tab and switch off Gtalk and Google Mail Notifier. While some people involved in GTD (Gettting Things Done) use these small programs, I find that it's better to deal with email a few set times a day.

3. Take Some Time Off
If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's time to take some time off. By this, I mean take a break of 5-10 minutes. No matter how busy you are, if you take some breaks here and there, you'll find that when you get back to work or studying, you'll be much more efficient. In office life, take the example of the smokers. Take breaks whenever they do.

4. Pack Your Lunch the Night Before
From personal experience, I've learned that packing my lunch in the morning doesn't work. Packed lunches are so much better when you do them the night before. Try it and you'll see. Also, if you always eat out, this is a good way of eating healthy stuff. I was able to stay on a low-carb diet while making my lunch without any problems. I mainly made salads, which some meat, greens, beans, cottage cheese, and other veggies with a dressing on the side, that I made myself. If packing your lunch is too daunting, then start packing some healthy snacks, like fruits, veggies, and yogurts to take with you. They'll make a difference since you won't be having an unhealthy snack at work.

5. Don't Forget to Pack Your Drinks
Taking a mug of coffee with you in the mornings makes a difference. I usually take a cup of coffee with me after lunch. I make it myself and I save a bunch of money because I don't by it at Starbucks or a coffee shop. Lately, I even pack some extra drinks, like a bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice that I made myself. It's really good and revitalizes you.

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