Haikus Are For Winners

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In recognition of all the marvelous effort put forward by our contestants in last month’s Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest.

On Small Cool Cocktails at Hotel on Rivington

The Lower East Side

has valet parking these days–

Everything changes


On Hilary’s Hangout

Clear and relaxed here

Possessions can weigh you down

It’s just so dang small


On Paul’s Pivoting Perfection

Turquoise naugahyde

and roses in a gun vase–

Dangerous beauty


On Brandon’s Chic Shoebox

Serene river stones

and curated artifacts–

worth the climb to bed


On Robert’s Golden Handcuffs

Floating AV wall

A thousand right decisions

Prisoner of love


On Patrick’s Cosmo-Urban

“Fabulous,” they said,

As if that were a bad thing.

But you showed them all.


Photo credit: The Box Tank